Hello! My name is Yongju Lee, and I am a full-stack developer based in Songdo Incheon, South Korea. I was born on August 17, 1993, and have been working in the tech industry for many years now. I am currently the CEO of Themecloset, where I primarily focus on the development of frontend websites and apps, as well as backends using Go, Python, and Node.js.

One of the technologies that I am particularly passionate about is Svelte, which I have been using to build this very website. Prior to discovering Svelte, I worked with Vue and Python, but I quickly fell in love with the simplicity and efficiency of Svelte. It has truly revolutionized my approach to web development, and I am constantly amazed by its capabilities.

Aside from my work in the tech industry, I am also a big fan of plants. I have a deep passion for plants and am particularly fond of Philodednrons. I have filled my studio with many plants that I love and try to capture their beauty through photography, which is another hobby of mine. I also enjoy taking pictures of my workspace and the things around me. Currently, I am working on thingsneverchange.com, a website where I sell a variety of art prints. These prints include both my own creations as well as those created by talented freelancers that I have collaborated with.

I am very passionate about bringing unique and high-quality artwork to customers through my website and am always looking for new ways to expand and improve the selection of prints available. In addition to art prints, I also offer a range of other products such as canvases and phone cases featuring the artwork from my website. I am dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that all of my products are of the highest quality. If you have any questions or would like to collaborate on a project, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at lee@yongju.me. I am always happy to connect with fellow developers and share my knowledge and experience.